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Steelwork detailing and modelling services

Welcome to We are a sub-contract steelwork detailing drawing office offering competitive and accurate solutions to steelwork detailing problems. We have an enviable reputation for accuracy and have many satisfied customers not only within the structural steelwork industry but amongst builders, contractors and clients whom contract us directly.

We have worked on a huge range of structures throughout the years. We have considerable experience drawing by hand well before software modelling packages like Strucad/Tekla Structures and Advance Steel emerged. We have been modelling on 3d modelling software for well in excess of 15 years and within this period have detailed an enormous range of structures.

steelwork detailing portal frame

Detailing steelwork portals

The structure indicated to the right is of a typical portal frame, we have shown a 3-d view of the completed model. The steelwork detailing and 3-d modelling process has been completed here and we are satisfied that all checks have been made such as clash detection, shop bolts and loose fitting, as well as a complete review to the current architectural and design information. We then proceed to exporting the information to the various formats required to complete the fabrication and erection process. Drawings for the fabrication shop are produced automatically and include fabrication drawings, individual fitting drawings, assembly drawings and cutting lists. We can produce preliminary lists ahead of main drawing issues to assist in material procurement.

We have detailed/modelled many types of steel structures in all types of industries, you can trust us when it comes down to reliability, accuracy, confidentiality and speed. We welcome your enquiry for modelling of any type of structure including those on the following list.

spiral staircase steelwork modelling


Steelwork detailing staircases

We like this Spiral staircase, it shows how powerful 3-d modelling is and allows everyone involved to preview the finished project before any fabrication work has been started.

Spiral staircases are an excellent method of delivering access to differing levels when a compact footprint is required and a traditional staircase won't work. Spirals can also be chosen over traditional layouts for aesthetic reasons. They look great! When modelling inside a 3-d environment you can easily detect problems such as clashes and incorrect dimensions. We have many years experience in modelling complex small projects such a spiral staircase. This example was designed around three columns. The stair treads are cantilevered out from the main circular column using a bolted connection. The inner helix handrail was shop welded to the circular column using shaped brackets and the external helix handrail secured to the balusters via a special connector. The balusters are connected to two treads and therefore provided a spacer between the treads. Our fabrication and arrangement drawings are always clear and easily followed even with helical hand railing... On such projects we often provide additional details to the main steelwork detailng package such as blow-ups, templates or wrap-arounds to assist in fabrication and erection.

sky bridge steelwork modelling

Steelwork detailing bridges

The image to the left shows a structure lookling a little like a gaint skip but it is actually a sky bridge designed for a top UK International Airport. This tubular structure was fabricated as a fully welded frame with the top housing and the roof light being site bolted on. At 6.7 meters wide, 14.4 meters long and 3.7 meters deep the main tubular frame was too big for transport by road so it was spliced into two bolted up halves for transportation.

Many structures may look the same but there are a huge amount of variables to take into account when designing or detailing a steel frame. We are capable of completing contracts over 300 tonnes and can phase the projects and separate each phase into tonnage loads to suit whatever your programme demands. We understand your projects are sometimes urgent and need immediate attention. We can drop onto your project almost immediately if neccessary (once your order has been placed) to get the ball rolling and will be able to complete to suit your programme. Please contact us here if you have any enquiries or questions.image_10626